Intellicalc Guide

Your Guide to Integrating SmartrCalcâ„¢ with
your website

  • Adding an SmartrCalc banner to your website

    Description -

    This tool is use to having well positioned links with good captions, the more visitors will use it and potentially increase mortgage and buyer leads.

    Step 1-

    Add the following script into the head section of your website. Replace YOURID with the Intellicalc Affiliate Id provided to you.

    Step 2-

    The choice of banner is controlled via the account ID in the SmartrCalc settings or by passing in the banner name as a parameter.

    You can see the choice of banners at


    Parameter Name Type Required Description
    Name Text N The name of the banner you wish you use
    Width Integer N The width you to constrain the banner too

    Note -

    Please add the following script into the head section of your website only if your website is not javascript enabled.

Live Example

Integrating Settings

Please provide us with the following to control the look and feel of the widget. Colours should be provided in the HTML hex values.

  • -   Primary and Secondary text colours
  • -   Primary background box colour
  • -   6 shades of colour for the slider, dark to light, usually starting from your primary background box colour
  • -   Chosen banner


  • -   Affiliate id is required to activate SmartrCalc tool and it is generated on request by Smartr365 admin.
  • -   If you have already submitted your details and not received your Affiliate id after one business day. Then you can follow up on the Email Id