Our Story

IntelliCalc® was patented and subsequently launched nationally on the 14th of September 2010. At the close of that year we were live on 40 estate agents' websites in just Greater London, with a strong pipeline of further clients signed for integrations nationwide.
Today we currently have over 110 estate agents, 60 brokerages and over 123 individual brokers using our software in the UK. The majority of our users are based in Greater London however this year we, just like our clients, are expanding to include many more brokerages by the close of 2012.
The OpenWork Network are soo convinced by the success it has provided, and the business growth with revenues yielded by its second fastest growing member, Capricorn Financial, that they are actively promoting OCC Finance Technology to their members.
With the simple message; "OCC will enable you to grow your mortgage business!"
Read our Case Study on Capricorn Financial's success with OCC Finance Technology LTD.

IntelliCalc® has proven lead generation and conversion capabilities, and as a result has been able to deliver strong revenue benefits to both estate agencies and financial services mortgage brokers.

If you run an estate agency or you are a mortgage broker, looking to increase mortgage related revenues, perhaps you need a way to qualify your customers' ability to afford a home; then you have come to the right place, with IntelliCalc® & AppTrack™ we make it happen.

Please contact us either via our enquiry link above or via email on team@occfinance.com
Be the first of your competitors in your area to utilise Intellicalc® and Smartr365® and grow your business.