Case Study

Jan 2011 - Capricorn Finance Success following partnership with OCC Finance

Capricorn was founded in 2005 on Fleet Street. Operating initially as a bespoke consultancy, focusing on the existing client bank of the founding directors, things proceeded nicely until late 2007, when the credit crunch hit. As with every broker Capricorn felt the full effects of this from day one and appeared trapped in a never-ending downward spiral of a rapidly shrinking market, lower commissions, dual pricing and ever decreasing opportunities for brokers. By mid 2009, the market had reached a nadir and Capricorn were faced with the choice as to whether to accept that the mortgage market had changed forever and the old revenues were just not available anymore, shut up shop altogether or else try something different. Capricorn chose the latter and enlisted the services of OCC Finance, becoming their first partner company and effectively the test case for everything that has happened since.

Within 6 weeks of signing up for their complete outsourced mortgage broking solution, incorporating both the Intellicalc lead generation software and the Apptack lead tracking service, and utilizing these as their USP in the market place, Capricorn had signed up 30 estate agents in the West London area as their exclusive broker. Suddenly the market for Capricorn had changed entirely with opportunities for business coming from every angle; 30 estate agents fully on board and referring business creates lots of leads, even more so when you also have a system built into all of the agents websites, which generates leads 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Just over a year on, Capricorn now have 50 estate agents on board and referring in business, they receive over 400 good quality mortgage leads per month on average and have expanded their sales force from 2 advisers in August 2009 (i.e. just prior to signing up with OCC) to 9 today. They still have ambitious plans going forward too and are expecting to have 15 brokers on board by the end of the year, covering at least 75 estate agents. None of this would have been possible without OCC!


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